Mun Star Foundation is Nonprofit Organization For Help Children.

Mun star Foundation (CIN : U85300WB2021NPL245706) is today one of the growing and most trusted platform providing best services for every poor and disadvantaged people in our country. Founded in 2021. We are the Certified ( 12A , 80G of Income Tax Act. and NITI Aayog NGO Darpan ) of Govt. India. We firmly believe that "the service of oppressed humanity is the service of God."

We started with the dream of educating every disadvantaged child in our country. Each of our members is determined to be a partner in this long journey, and they have dedicated themselves to the service of oppressed humanity. We all know that many children in rural areas are far from the light of education. Running an educational NGO for all those underprivileged children has become a goal of our lives.

Education is a vital and necessary way to survive in the modern world. Nowadays, in the age of digital revolution, everything has gone online. As a result, the future of our country depends on education. That is why we are determined to provide education to every disadvantaged child in the country. Mun Star Foundation is a strong NGO that is fully dedicated and committed to bringing about lasting change.

We don't just focus on education, we teach them the values of life, so that they become ideal human beings with education. For that we teach every child ways to live an intelligent and honest life. We encourage each child to develop independent thinking and skills that help them develop their inner talents. We believe in a better and more successful future for every child.

1. The Mun Star Foundation has extended a strong helping hand to free treatment of disabled, crippled, mentally unbalanced or polio patients. Crutches, prostheses, calipers, tricycles, hearing aids, wheelchairs, blind sticks etc. are provided to the poor and needy.

2. Not only do we provide physical support but we also help ensure the financial support of children through skills and vocational education. Which actually inspires them to be more confident and evolving.

3. Mun Star Foundation organizes mass wedding for poor families who are unable to afford the marriage expenses of their daughter and son .

4. The Mun Star Foundation is not only established to provide education to financially backward students, but also to support a separate education system for specially-disabled students with specialized software and other customized facilities. The path also provides free accommodation, food and clothing for them.

5. The Mun Star Foundation works for 'change' in society and dreams of a healthy, educated and prosperous society.

We are registered NGO. Look at our registered certificates.

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