#.1.Question. How can I donate to NGO?
Answer. There are some things to keep in mind before giving grants to NGOs in India.

  1. Most NGOs work on a specific topic such as child education, medical aid for the disabled, women's education, rural development, etc. So first you set a goal, on which topic you want to donate …
  2. Make a list of the NGOs you have chosen. …
  3. Check monetary support type. … …
  4. Choose the types of financial support. …
  5. Check the authenticity of the NGO.
  6. Check this NGO whether 12A, 80G certified or not
  7. Verify payment options. …
  8. choose the best time to donate in NGO.

#2.Question. Why should we donate to NGOs?
Answer: In addition to providing emotional satisfaction and joy, donations to authentic NGOs give you some great rewards. The amount you donate is deducted from your total taxable income, thus reducing the amount of income tax which can be a great thing for you.

# 3 Question. How much can we donate to NGOs?
Answer: Deduction Rules: Under Section 80G, a portion of the amount you contribute to an NGO is eligible for tax deduction. The upper limit for this is set at 10% of your total income. Of these, grants in some organizations are 100% tax exempt, in others 50%.

#Question. Can an NGO donate to another NGO?

Answer . Donations from funds accumulated under section 11 (2) is not valid at all except in the case of dissolution of the charitable organization; Inter-organizational donations to other organizations with the same purpose as corpus are allowed but cannot be considered as income application.

#3. Question. Can a private company accept donations?
Answer . The answer is yes, a private Ltd. … may accept grants. But you have to be careful about accepting grants "in the name of your company". Because you can't do that. Because of this you have to deal with a lot of legal issues. Because private limited companies cannot accept public deposits it is strictly forbidden to do so, e.g.

# Question. Which donation is eligible for 100% deduction?

Answer . Eligible grant for 100% discount subject to 10% of the total aggregate income. Grant of an organization to the Indian Olympic Association or any other advertising association established in India for the development of gams and sports infrastructure in India or to sponsor sports and games in India.

#Question. Which donation is eligible for 50% deduction?
Answer . Donations with 50% deduction (without any eligibility limit): Grants to trusts like PM's National Children's Fund, Drought Relief Fund, Indira Gandhi Memorial Fund, etc. are eligible for 50% tax deduction on the amount donated.
# Question. Why is Moon Star Foundation one of the best NGOs in India today?

Answer . Journey of Mun Star Foundation begins with the dream of a brighter future for India's rural, poor and street children. We all know that today's children will be the future of society in the future. So the bright future of the country depends on every child. The Mun Star Foundation firmly believes that, child education is a significant and vital factor in building a bright future and a better society.

So we took a firm initiative to solve the problems of children's primary education. Over time we have created educational programs, not only that, we are successfully tackling issues like child rights, youth unemployment due to lack of skills, and digital literacy. We also provide medical care to helpless, poor handicapped children. And we help poor parents who are unable to afford the marriage expenses of their sons and daughters.